Peydró, José-Luis

No. Title Authors
2105Monetary policy and bank profitability in a low interest rate environmentAltavilla, Carlo, Boucinha, Miguel, Peydró, José-Luis
1560Monetary policy, macroprudential policy and banking stability: evidence from the euro areaMaddaloni, Angela, Peydró, José-Luis
1527Heterogeneous transmission mechanism: monetary policy and financial fragility in the euro areaCiccarelli, Matteo, Maddaloni, Angela, Peydró, José-Luis
1248Bank risk-taking, securitization, supervision and low interest rates: Evidence from the euro area and the U.S. lending standardsMaddaloni, Angela, Peydró, José-Luis
1228Trusting the bankers: a new look at the credit channel of monetary policyCiccarelli, Matteo, Maddaloni, Angela, Peydró, José-Luis
1221Financial regulation, financial globalization and the synchronization of economic activityKalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem, Papaioannou, Elias, Peydró, José-Luis
1216What lies beneath the euro's effect on financial integration? Currency risk, legal harmonization, or trade?Papaioannou, Elias, Peydró, José-Luis, Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem
1179Credit supply - Identifying balance-sheet channels with loan applications and granted loansJiménez, Gabriel, Ongena, Steven, Peydró, José-Luis, Saurina, Jesús
1160The euro area Bank Lending Survey matters: empirical evidence for credit and output growthde Bondt, Gabe, Maddaloni, Angela, Peydró, José-Luis, Scopel, Silvia
1147Interbank contagion at work: evidence from a natural experimentIyer, Rajkamal, Peydró, José-Luis