Jaccard, Ivan

  • 2001-2006
    Ph.D, HEC Lausanne
Professional experience
  • 2006-2008
    Visiting Scholar, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Teaching experience
  • 2019
    Invited Professor, Université Paris-Dauphine
  • 2011-2014
    Lecturer, Goethe University, Master in Law and Finance

ECB Working Paper Series

ECB Occasional Paper Series

Journal publications

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Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 36, April., p. 73-102
P. Hiebert, I. Jaccard and Y. Schüler
Contrasting financial and business cycles: Stylized facts and candidate explanations
Journal of Financial Stability, vol. 38, Oct., p. 72-80
I. Jaccard
Asset Pricing and the Propagation of Macroeconomic Shocks
Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 16 (2), p. 436–486
I. Jaccard
Asset Returns and Labor Supply in a Production Economy
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 46(5), p. 889-919
I. Jaccard
Asset Pricing and Housing Supply in a Production Economy
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