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Francesco Paolo Mongelli

Monetary Policy


Current Position

Senior Adviser


Other current responsibilities

Senior Adviser DG-R



PhD Johns Hopkins Univ. MD, USA

Maset Johns Hopkins Univ. MD, USA

Master Banking Techniques, Roma (I) "La Sapienza" Univ.


Professional experience

Senior Adviser DGE-Directorate Monetary Policy 9/2006-2/2014

Adviser DGE 6/2003-8/2006

Primary Economis DGE 6/1998-5/2003

Economist International Monetary Fund, 10/1992-6/1998

Chief Economist Nagrafin (Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura), Rome 3/1985-7/1987


Ente Einaudi Scholarships 8/1987-8/1989

BA Summa cum Laude and Medal

Teaching experience

Honorary Professor at Frankfurt Goethe University Master MIIEP

Frequent Invited Lectures: e.g., at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Master of Money and Finance Goethe University, AU Beirut.

Teaching Assistant at SAIS Washington DC, USA

Teaching Assistant at Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA

26 January 2021
10 November 2020
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Journal of European Integration
"Responses to the Euro Area Crisis: Measuring the Path of European Institutional Integration"
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  • Ettore Dorrucci
  • Demos Ioannou
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Coimparative Economic Studies
“Financial fragmentation and ECB monetary policy”
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Journal of Common Market Studies
“The Interplay of Economic Reforms and Monetary Policy: the Case of the Euro Area”
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Comparative Economic Studies
“Interest rate setting by the Fed, the ECB, the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England”
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Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 48.2
“How are the Eurosystem’s Monetary Policy Decisions Prepared?”
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CEPR Policy Insight nr. 46
“On the Benefits and Costs of a Monetary Union”
  • Francesco Paolo Mongelli
Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Vol. 39, No. 7
“The Eurosystem, the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan: Similarities and Differences”
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Journal of Common Market Studies JCMS 2007 Volume 45 nr 2
“Monetary Integration of the New EU Member States: What Sets the Pace of Euro Adoption?”
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Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol 43.3
“What is European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) Telling us about the Optimum Currency Area Properties?”
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“The Pattern of European Institutional and Economic Integration : what Lessons for Latin America?”
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