Camba-Méndez, Gonzalo

Risk Management


Risk Strategy

Current position

Principal Economist


Other current responsibilities
  • Principal Economist, Capital Markets and Financial Structure Division
  • PhD in Economics. London Guildhall University, 1997.
  • MSc in International Trade and Finance. Lancaster University, 1993.
  • BSc in Economics. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, 1989.
Professional experience
  • Principal Economist. ECB, Capital Markets and Financial Structure Division. 2008 - present.
  • Principal Economist. ECB, Euro Area Macroeconomic Developments Division. 2005 - 2008.
  • Senior Economist. ECB, Monetary Policy Research Division. 2003 - 2005.
  • Economist. ECB, Econometric Modelling Division. 1999-2003.
  • Research Officer. National Institute of Economic and Social Research. 1996 - 1999.
  • Trainee. Banco Hipotecario de Espana. 1992.

ECB Working Paper Series


ECB Economic Bulletin Box

Journal publications

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