Cash professionals

Professional cash handlers include commercial banks, post offices and other organisations which sort cash and issue it to the public. Their work includes checking the banknotes and coins, and looking out for counterfeits.

Cash handling

The national central banks regularly test banknote equipment with a selection of the counterfeits most frequently seen in circulation. The ECB publishes a list of machines and devices that have passed the test in order to help cash handlers and retailers choose a device to support them in authenticating euro banknotes.

Training material

The ECB has developed some tools to help professional cash handlers. These tools describe the security features of the first and second series of euro banknotes and explain how the banknotes can be checked for authenticity.

Partnership programme

The Partnership Programme offers banknote equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as clients and users a range of educational tools to help them prepare for the issuance of each Europa series banknote.