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Eurosystem introduces Europa Series €5 banknote

2 May 2013

A new €5 banknote, the first one in the Europa series, started to circulate today in the euro area countries.

To mark the occasion, a short event hosted by Jozef Makúch, Governor of Národná banka Slovenska, was held in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, where the Governing Council was meeting. A group of “euro generation” children – those who have grown up only knowing the euro – handed over transparent stars containing the new €5 banknote to the members of the Governing Council. The ECB’s President, Mario Draghi, also presented a signed new €5 banknote to each child.

The new €5 banknote has benefited from advances in banknote technology since the first series was introduced in 2002. It includes some new and enhanced security features. The watermark and hologram display a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology – and hence the name of this series of banknotes. An eye-catching “emerald number” changes colour from emerald green to deep blue and displays an effect of the light that moves up and down. Short raised lines on the left and right edges of the banknote make it easier to identify the banknote, especially for visually impaired people. All these security features can be found on the front side of the new note and can be readily checked using the “feel, look and tilt” method. It is envisaged that they will be included in all the banknotes of the Europa series. The other banknotes in the series will be introduced in the years ahead, with the €10 as the next denomination.

The ECB’s website and the newfaceoftheeuro website have pictures and TV footage of the event as well as further information on the new banknote, including several videos highlighting its security features. The “Euro Cash Academy”, an interactive way to learn about the new €5 and the other denominations, is also available on both these websites and as a smartphone app – in 22 European Union languages.


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