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valuation date

The date on which the assets underlying credit operations are valued.

value added

The value of output less the value of intermediate consumption. The gross value added at basic prices is defined in the ESA 2010 as the output valued at basic prices less intermediate consumption valued at purchaser prices, before deduction of consumption of fixed capital.

value date

The date on which it is agreed to place a payment or transfer at the disposal of the receiving user. The value date is also used as a point of reference for the calculation of interest on the funds held on an account.


value at risk

variable rate bonds

Debt securities whose nominal coupon payments are linked to an interest rate or some other index.

variable rate tender

A tender procedure whereby the counterparties bid both the amount of money they want to transact with the central bank and the interest rate at which they want to enter into the transaction. See also tender procedure

variation margin

Profits and losses calculated on a daily basis in open futures contracts and options, resulting in the counterparty to the bilateral trade making a payment to the relevant clearing house or vice versa.


Chicago Board Options Exchange’s Volatility Index

volume tender

See fixed rate tender

vostro account

See loro account (vostro account)