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Call for candidates to participate in the digital euro scheme infrastructure-related requirements workstream

8 May 2023

The European Central Bank (ECB) is inviting experts in payments and infrastructure to contribute to the scheme infrastructure-related requirements workstream for the digital euro scheme rulebook. This is one of the dedicated workstreams set up by the Chair of the Rulebook Development Group to support the drafting of the digital euro scheme rulebook.

The main objective of the workstream is to develop a proposal for the rulebook in relation to technical and non-functional requirements covering relationships between intermediaries and end. The proposal should include content recommendations for the following sections of the rulebook:

  • Technical scheme requirements: IT security, connectivity, non-functional requirements.
  • Functional and technical architecture: end-to-end service level requirements and key performance indicators, reconciliation.

The workstream will consist of market participants and Eurosystem representatives. Candidates nominated by their respective payment stakeholder associations are expected to be leading experts in payments infrastructure and architecture, technical specifications and scheme management, preferably with experience in drafting requirements for point-of-interaction infrastructure (e.g. point-of-sale terminals, e-commerce, payment gateways), online channels, mobile channels, and, wallets. Candidates should be proficient in English as a working language.

The workstream will hold frequent remote meetings over a limited period of two months as of May 2023. Members of the workstream are expected to participate in all meetings and actively contribute to the deliverables.

Candidates interested in joining should submit a curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting their experience in the areas mentioned above and answer in writing the following questions (in no more than 3,500 words in total):

  1. In your view, what IT security standards should be applied by the different actors involved?
  2. What connectivity standards do you foresee between intermediaries and end users?
  3. What types of non-functional requirements would you propose for future members of the digital euro scheme? You may differentiate between end-to-end requirements and requirements applicable between distinct actors.
  4. What other aspects would you suggest to be covered in the above-mentioned sections of the rulebook?

Applicants are also requested to include a letter of consent from their employer. A nomination letter from a representative payment stakeholder association or a member of the digital euro scheme Rulebook Development Group would be seen as a bonus. The requisite documents should be sent by email to DigitalEuro-RBD@ecb.europa.eu by 22 May 2023.

All applications will be treated confidentially. The list of successful candidates will, however, be made public.

The ECB is an inclusive institution, and we strive to reflect the diversity of the population we serve. We encourage you to apply irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or other characteristics.

Participation in the scheme infrastructure-related requirements workstream will not be remunerated. All intellectual property rights, copyright and rights to development and disposal related to the deliverables of the workstream shall reside exclusively with the ECB.