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European distribution of debt instruments

When, where

21 June 2019, 10:00-15:00
ECB, Eurotower, Kaiserstrasse 29, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

To register for the event, please send an email to mip.events@ecb.europa.eu by 16 June 2019.


Panel discussion: Issuance of European debt – is more integration needed?

Should integration of the European debt issuance market be strengthened? Is there a need to deepen the capital markets union? Are current solutions sufficient or would Europe benefit from a European issuance and distribution mechanism for issuing debt across the EU?

Moderator: Fiona van Echelpoel, ECB


  • Valérie Fasquelle, Banque de France
  • Kalin Janse, European Stability Mechanism
  • Mathias Papenfuß, ECSDA
  • Patrick Pearson, European Commission
  • Marcello Topa, Citi

Panel discussion: A European mechanism for the issuance and distribution of debt securities

Issuing and holding debt in EU Member States is still subject to fragmentation. What challenges do issuers face today when reaching out to international investors? What is the best way to foster more harmonisation in the pre-issuance area? Could there be advantages to issuing debt at a European level rather than at a national level?

Moderator: Mehdi Manaa, ECB


  • Godfried De Vidts, ICMA Group
  • Mauro Dognini, Monte Titoli
  • Henrik Johnsson, Deutsche Bank
  • Peter Nijsse, BNG Bank

ECB presentation on the European Distribution of Debt Instruments (EDDI)

Presentation followed by Q&A session

Speaker: Mehdi Manaa and George Kalogeropoulos, ECB