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Let’s celebrate Europe together!

Every year on 9 May, or Schuman Day, we celebrate the European Union. On that day in 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman announced the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community. This was the first step towards the European Union.

In Germany, and therefore also in the State of Hesse where the ECB is based, the week around Schuman Day is celebrated as “Europawoche” (Europe week). This year we are offering virtual lectures about the ECB in English and German. 

Take the opportunity to meet an ECB expert and get answers to your questions!

What does the European Central Bank do?

Would you like to know what the European Central Bank (ECB) does? Take the opportunity to meet an expert and learn about the tasks and responsibilities of the ECB. Find out more about how the ECB works to keep prices stable and the banking system safe and sound.

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Euro banknotes and coins – stories, anecdotes and surprising facts

Did you know you are carrying around little works of art every day in your purse or wallet? This lecture focuses on euro banknotes and coins, which are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year – the perfect opportunity for an ECB expert to let you in on little stories, anecdotes and surprising facts about the euro. Find out about security features, the issuance of the euro and much more.

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Climate change and the role of the ECB

What does the ECB have to do with climate change? This lecture focuses on how climate change can affect price stability, banking supervision and financial stability. Learn more about what the ECB can do to tackle climate change.

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European banking supervision – how the ECB works to keep the banking system safe

How can we make sure that a financial crisis such as the global financial crisis of 2008 does not happen again? In this lecture, an ECB expert will provide insights into banking supervision in the euro area. Find out more about how we contribute to keeping the banking system safe and sound, and what issues like climate change and diversity of thinking have to do with safe banks.

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Interested in finding out more? Have a look at the ECB Visitor Centre