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Other prices and costs

This page presents data on price indices with the exception of the HICP.

HICP, other prices and costs All time series on other prices and costs

Most of the data presented here are produced by the European Commission (mainly Eurostat) and national statistical institutes. Euro area results are obtained by aggregating data for individual countries.

The residential property price indicator for the euro area measures the development of the prices of houses and flats used for residential purposes. To compile the aggregate for the euro area, non-harmonised national residential property price indicators, which differ significantly in terms of concepts and coverage, are used. The national data are weighted according to each country’s share in the total euro area GDP for the year 2003.

Details on other prices and costs

Industrial producer prices are covered by Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 of 19 May 1998 concerning short-term statistics. The breakdown, by end-use, of products for industrial producer prices is the harmonised sub-division of industry excluding construction (NACE sections C to E) into Main Industrial Groupings (MIGs) as defined by Commission Regulation (EC) No 586/2001 of 26 March 2001. Industrial producer prices reflect the ex-factory gate prices of producers. They include indirect taxes except VAT and other deductible taxes.

World market prices of raw materials measure changes in the prices of euro-denominated euro area imports compared with the base period.

The Labour Cost Indices measure the average labour cost per hour worked. They do not, however, cover agriculture, fishing, public administration, education, health and services not classified elsewhere. The ECB calculates the indicator of negotiated wages on the basis of non-harmonised national data.

Methodological information

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