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What does the ECB do for you?

Stability is our thing

Everyone needs stability and our main task at the ECB is to keep prices stable. In essence, we make it easier for you to plan, save and invest for your future. But what does that mean in practice? How exactly does our work affect you and the things that matter to you?

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How our work benefits you

You can trust the euro

We take care of the euro, our common currency. You and 346 million Europeans can rely on the euro, both at home and also when travelling, studying or working abroad. The euro is also a daily reminder that working together has brought us peace, freedom and prosperity.

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You can plan your future with more confidence

We make it easier for you to plan your future. How? We do things like set key interest rates to tackle inflation. We also help keep the financial system running smoothly by reducing risks to financial stability. So you can confidently plan how to save and spend your money.

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Your money is safe in euro area banks

Is your money safe in the bank? Yes, if you put your money in a bank in the euro area, you can be sure it’s safe. Consistent, standardised supervision ensures that your bank stays healthy and can weather any shocks.

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What else makes stability our thing?

Our work helps to ensure that your money keeps its value and the economy around you grows. That’s one way that we provide stability.  Watch this video to find out others.