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Marco Loseto

31 October 2023
Using administrative data on mortgages issued in Italy between 2018 and 2019,this paper estimates loan demand elasticities to maturity and interest rate. We findthat households are responsive to both contract terms: a 1% decrease in interestrate increases the average loan size by 0.22% whereas a commensurable increasein maturity increases loan demand by 0.30%. This evidence suggests that creditconstraints are relevant in this market. Things change substantially when movingalong the distribution of contract maturities: short term borrowers are unresponsive to their contract lengthwhile maturity elasticities are higher for long term borrowers.
JEL Code
D12 : Microeconomics→Household Behavior and Family Economics→Consumer Economics: Empirical Analysis
D14 : Microeconomics→Household Behavior and Family Economics→Household Saving; Personal Finance
D15 : Microeconomics→Household Behavior and Family Economics
G11 : Financial Economics→General Financial Markets→Portfolio Choice, Investment Decisions
G51 : Financial Economics