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Guy S. Liu

15 October 2013
Does firm ownership change affect performance? On the basis of a mean-value analysis and a fixed effects panel analysis of over 1100 Chinese companies during the period of ownership reform (1997-2003), this paper examines the performance impact of firm ownership transformation in China. The data used allows us to compare the performance impacts of different methods taken to restructure the ownership of state firms, such as full versus partial privatisation. For China, a state-capitalist nation and the world's largest state sector under transition, the mix of state and private ownership
JEL Code
L33 : Industrial Organization→Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise→Comparison of Public and Private Enterprises and Nonprofit Institutions, Privatization, Contracting Out
O40 : Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth→Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity→General
P27 : Economic Systems→Socialist Systems and Transitional Economies→Performance and Prospects