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The international role of the euro

Once a year the ECB publishes a report presenting an overview of developments in the use of the euro by non-euro area residents. The international role of the euro is primarily supported by a deeper and more complete Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), including advancing the capital markets union, in the context of the pursuit of sound economic policies in the euro area. The Eurosystem supports these policies and emphasises the need for further efforts to complete EMU.

Main findings of the 2024 report

The international role of the euro remained broadly stable in 2023. This was a year that saw continuing geopolitical tensions, increases in policy interest rates and inflation declining from high levels in major advanced economies.

Read the main findings of the report

Full report

Read the full report to explore in detail the latest developments in the international role of the euro.

See the full 2024 report

Press release

The press release provides insights into the main findings of our latest report on the international role of the euro.

Press release

Blog post

In his blog post, Executive Board member Piero Cipollone outlines that the euro must remain competitive to preserve its status as a global currency. This includes developing the infrastructure for cross-border payments in euro with key partners.

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Selected speeches and blog posts

The international role of the euro is a topic often covered by our blog posts and in speeches by our Executive Board members.

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