Member of the ECB's Executive Board


PhD, Economics, Harvard University
A.M., Economics, Harvard University
B.A. (Mod.) (Econ.), First Class Honours and Gold Medal, Trinity College Dublin


Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland
Whately Professor of Political Economy, Trinity College Dublin
Professor of International Macroeconomics, Trinity College Dublin
Associate Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin
Lecturer in Economics, Trinity College Dublin
Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Columbia University

Selected professional activities

  • Chair, Advisory Technical Committee (ATC) of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), 2017-2019
  • Chair, ESRB High-Level Task Force on Safe Assets, 2016-2018
  • Chair, Economic Statistics Review Group of the Central Statistics Office, 2016
  • Chair, Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC) of the ESRB, 2015
  • Co-Chair, Joint ATC-ASC-FSC ESRB Task Force on Macroprudential Issues and Structural Change in a Low Interest Rate Environment, 2015
  • Director of International Macroeconomics and Finance Programme, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), 2015; CEPR Research Fellow, 2002-; CEPR Research Affiliate, 1997-2001
  • President, Irish Economics Association, 2012-2014
  • Member, Royal Irish Academy, 2007-
  • Member, Committee on International Economic Policy and Reform (CIEPR), 2012-2015
  • Member, Bellagio Group, 2010-2015
  • Member, Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) Council, 2010-2016
  • Founder, The Irish Economy Blog, 2008-
  • Member, Academic Advisory Panel, Slovak Budget Council, 2013-2015
  • Member, National Statistics Board, 2009-2013
  • Member, ECB Shadow Council, Handelsblatt, 2005-2007
  • International Research Fellow, Kiel Institute of World Economics, 2005-
  • Member, External Review Committee (Suomen Pankki – Finlands Bank 2004, European Central Bank 2010/2011, Central Bank of Ireland 2011/2012, Bank of Israel 2012)
  • Academic consultant (primary activities):
    European Central Bank (2006-2007, 2014-2016); Bank for International Settlements (2015); Banco de Portugal (2015); International Monetary Fund (2014); World Bank (2006-2007, 2011, 2014-2015); Monetary Authority of Singapore (2013); European Commission (2012-2013); Federal Reserve Board (2013); New Zealand Treasury (2010-2011); Asian Development Bank (2009-2011); Oireachtas Joint Committee on Finance and the Public Services (2010); Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2009-2010); Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (2009-2010); National Economic and Social Council (2009); ESRI-Japan (2007-2009); Sveriges Riksbank (2005-2006); National Competitiveness Council on Price and Wage Competitiveness (2004); Department of the Taoiseach (2002)
  • Occasional legal consultant; occasional speaker at financial sector conferences

Selected honours, awards and grants

  • Royal Irish Academy: Gold Medal in the Social Sciences, 2015
  • Bhagwati Prize (joint with Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti), 2010
  • ECB Lamfalussy Fellowship, 2004-2005
  • German Bernacer Award in Monetary Economics, 2001
  • Barrington Prize 1997-1998
  • NSF-sponsored Harvard-MIT Research Training Group in Positive Political Economy Fellowship, 1994-1995
  • John F. Kennedy Fund Scholarship, 1994
  • Harvard Graduate Student Fellowship, 1991-1995
  • Gold Medal, Whately and Bastable prizes in Economics, Trinity College Dublin, 1991. First-class degree and top-ranked student in economics degree examinations
  • Foundation Scholarship, Trinity College Dublin, 1989. Top-ranked student in scholarship examinations
  • Entrance Exhibition, Trinity College Dublin, 1987
  • Grants:
    Irish Research Council, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Fondation Banque de France, NORFACE, Royal Irish Academy

Academic profile

Main research areas:
International macroeconomics; European monetary economics; financial globalisation; cyclical behaviour of fiscal policy; the Irish economy

Published in:
Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, Journal of International Economics, Pacific Economic Review, Fiscal Studies, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, International Journal of Central Banking, National Institute Economic Review, World Economics, Economic and Social Review, Open Economies Review, Journal of International Money and Finance, New Zealand Economic Papers, European Economic Review, Moneda y Credito, World Economy, Journal of Economic Perspectives, International Finance, IMF Economic Review, Nordic Economic Policy Review, American Economic Review, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Policy, The Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, NBER Macroeconomics Annual, Oxford Economic Papers, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Development Economics.