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Journal publications

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Other publications

Checherita-Westphal, C (editor)
Book: Debt and Economic Performance
Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series, ISBN: 978 1 78643 908 6
Attinasi M.G., Checherita C, and Nickel C.
Book chapter: What explains the surge in euro area sovereign spreads during the financial crisis of 2007-09?
Sovereign Debt: from safety to default
Checherita-Westphal, C., Jacquinot P., Burriel P., Campos M.M., Caprioli F. and Rizza P.
Economic consequences of high public debt and challenges ahead for the euro area
Banco de Portugal, Occasional Papers 4
Bouthevillain C., Caruana J., Checherita C., Cunha J., Gordo E., Haroutunian S., Hubic A., Langenus G., Manzke B., Pérez J.J. and Tommasino P.
Pros and Cons of various fiscal measures to stimulate the economy
BCL working papers 40, Central Bank of Luxembourg