Afonso, António

No. Title Authors
1781The determinants of sovereign bond yield spreads in the EMUAntónio Afonso, Michael G. Arghyrou, Alexandros Kontonikas
1654Sovereign credit ratings, market volatility, and financial gainsAntónio Afonso, Pedro Gomes, Abderrahim Taamouti
1529Fiscal regimes in the EUAntónio Afonso, Priscilla Toffano
1518Fiscal composition and long-term growthAntónio Afonso, João Tovar Jalles
1465Revisiting fiscal sustainability: panel cointegration and structural breaks in OECD countriesAntónio Afonso, João Tovar Jalles
1399Economic performance and government sizeAntónio Afonso, João Tovar Jalles
1347Sovereign credit ratings and financial markets linkages: application to European dataAntónio Afonso, Pedro Gomes, Davide Furceri
1319Fiscal developments and financial stress: a threshold VAR analysisAntónio Afonso, Michal Slavík, Jaromír Baxa
1276Level, slope, curvature of the sovereign yield curve, and fiscal behaviourManuel M.F. Martins, António Afonso
1217Fiscal policy and growth: do financial crises make a difference?Hans Peter Grüner, António Afonso, Christina Kolerus
1173Market power and fiscal policy in OECD countriesAntónio Afonso, Luís F. Costa
1154Public and private inputs in aggregate production and growth: a cross-country efficiency approachAntónio Afonso, Miguel St. Aubyn
1054Fiscal behaviour in the European Union: rules, fiscal decentralization and government indebtednessAntónio Afonso, Sebastian Hauptmeier
1032Assessing long-term fiscal developments - a new approachAntónio Afonso, Davide Furceri, Luca Agnello, Ricardo M. Sousa
991The macroeconomic effects of fiscal policyAntónio Afonso, Ricardo M. Sousa
990Fiscal policy, housing and stock pricesAntónio Afonso, Ricardo M. Sousa
971Interactions between private and public sector wagesAntónio Afonso, Pedro Gomes
961Budgetary and external imbalances relationship: a panel data diagnosticAntónio Afonso, Christophe Rault
954Fiscal policy responsiveness, persistence and discretionAntónio Afonso, Davide Furceri, Luca Agnello
9083-step analysis of public finances sustainability: the case of the European UnionAntónio Afonso, Christophe Rault
864Macroeconomic rates of return of public and private investment: crowding-in and crowding-out effectsAntónio Afonso, Miguel St. Aubyn
861Income distribution determinants and public spending efficiencyAntónio Afonso, Ludger Schuknecht, Vito Tanzi
849Government size, composition, volatility and economic growthAntónio Afonso, Davide Furceri
848Economic growth and budgetary components: a panel assessment for the EUAntónio Afonso, Juan González Alegre
844Business cycle synchronization and insurance mechanisms in the EUAntónio Afonso, Davide Furceri
820What do we really know about fiscal sustainability in the EU? A panel data diagnosticAntónio Afonso, Christophe Rault
775The dynamic behaviour of budget components and outputAntónio Afonso, Peter Claeys
711What “hides” behind sovereign debt ratings?António Afonso, Pedro Gomes, Philipp Rother
675Expansionary fiscal consolidations in Europe: new evidenceAntónio Afonso
601Excess burden and the cost of inefficiency in public services provisionVí­tor Gaspar, António Afonso
581Public sector efficiency: evidence for new EU member states and emerging marketsLudger Schuknecht, Vito Tanzi, António Afonso
558Ricardian fiscal regimes in the European UnionAntónio Afonso
494Cross-country efficiency of secondary education provision: a semi-parametric analysis with non-discretionary inputsAntónio Afonso, Miguel St. Aubyn
473Fiscal consolidations in the Central and Eastern European countriesAntónio Afonso, Christiane Nickel, Philipp Rother
438Quality of public finances and growthLudger Schuknecht, Werner Ebert, Michael Thöne, António Afonso
303Fiscal policy events and interest rate swap spreads: evidence from the EURolf Strauch, António Afonso
242Public sector efficiency: an international comparisonLudger Schuknecht, Vito Tanzi, António Afonso