Reint Gropp

No. Title Authors
1687 Banks' financial distress, lending supply and consumption expenditure H. Evren Damar, Reint Gropp, Adi Mordel
1555 Hidden gems and borrowers with dirty little secrets: investment in soft information, borrower self-selection and competition Reint Gropp, Christian Gruendl, Andre Guettler
1337 Who invests in home equity to exempt wealth from bankruptcy? Stefano Corradin, Reint Gropp, Harry Huizinga, Luc Laeven
1272 The impact of public guarantees on bank risk taking: evidence from a natural experiment Reint Gropp, Christian Gruendl, Andre Guettler
1096 The determinants of bank capital structure Reint Gropp, Florian Heider
753 Trade credit defaults and liquidity provision by firms Frédéric Boissay, Reint Gropp
714 The dynamics of bank spreads and financial structure Reint Gropp, Christoffer Kok, Jung-Duk Lichtenberger
686 Stale information, shocks and volatility Reint Gropp, Arjan Kadareja
662 Cross-border bank contagion in Europe Reint Gropp, Marco Lo Duca, Jukka Vesala
302 Deposit insurance, moral hazard and market monitoring Reint Gropp, Jukka Vesala
297 Measurement of contagion in banks' equity prices Reint Gropp, Gerard Moerman
150 Equity and bond market signals as leading indicators of bank fragility Reint Gropp, Jukka Vesala, Giuseppe Vulpes
76 Rating agency actions and the pricing of debt and equity of European banks: What can we infer about private sector monitoring of bank soundness? Reint Gropp, Anthony J. Richards
72 Bank Concentration and Retail Interest Rates Sandrine Corvoisier, Reint Gropp
47 Deposit insurance and moral hazard: does the counterfactual matter? Reint Gropp, Jukka Vesala
31 The disappearing tax base: is foreign direct investment eroding corporate income taxes? Reint Gropp, Kristina Kostial