Mathä, Thomas Y.

No. Title Authors
2083Active labour market policies and short-time work arrangements: evidence from a survey of Luxembourg firmsKonstantinos Efstathiou, Thomas Y. Mathä, Cindy Veiga, Ladislav Wintr
1722How do households allocate their assets? Stylised facts from the Eurosystem household finance and consumption surveyThomas Y. Mathä, Frédérique Savignac, Philip Vermeulen, Tobias Schmidt, Laura Bartiloro, Pirmin Fessler, Peter Lindner, Martin Schürz, Luc Arrondel, Cristiana Rampazzi
1690Household wealth in the euro area: the importance of intergenerational transfers, homeownership and house price dynamicsThomas Y. Mathä, Michael Ziegelmeyer, Alessandro Porpiglia
1672Wealth differences across borders and the effect of real estate price dynamics: evidence from two household surveysThomas Y. Mathä, Michael Ziegelmeyer, Alessandro Porpiglia
1661Cross-border commuting and consuming: an empirical investigationThomas Y. Mathä, Michael Ziegelmeyer, Alessandro Porpiglia
1302The immigrant/native wealth gap in Germany, Italy and LuxembourgThomas Y. Mathä, Alessandro Porpiglia, Eva Sierminska
1036Search in the product market and the real business cycleThomas Y. Mathä, Olivier Pierrard
617New survey evidence on the pricing behaviour of Luxembourg firmsPatrick Lünnemann, Thomas Y. Mathä
541Consumer price behaviour in Luxembourg: evidence from micro CPI dataPatrick Lünnemann, Thomas Y. Mathä
535The pricing behaviour of firms in the euro area: new survey evidenceSilvia Fabiani, Ignacio Hernando, Claire Loupias, Thomas Y. Mathä, Roberto Sabbatini, Bettina Landau, Ad C.J. Stokman, Martine Druant, Claudia Kwapil, Harald Stahl, Fernando Martins
466Regulated and services' prices and inflation persistencePatrick Lünnemann, Thomas Y. Mathä
415How persistent is disaggregate inflation? An analysis across EU 15 countries and HICP sub-indicesPatrick Lünnemann, Thomas Y. Mathä
111Monetary transmission: empirical evidence from Luxembourg firm level dataPatrick Lünnemann, Thomas Y. Mathä