Julián Messina

No. Title Authors
1778 European firm adjustment during times of economic crisis Silvia Fabiani, Ana Lamo, Julián Messina, Tairi Rõõm
1215 Formal education, mismatch and wages after transition: Assessing the impact of unobserved heterogeneity using matching estimators Ana Lamo, Julián Messina
1213 The incidence of nominal and real wage rigidity: an individual-based sectoral approach Julián Messina, Philip Du Caju, Mario Izquierdo, Cláudia Filipa Duarte, Niels Lynggård Hansen
1106 The margins of labour cost adjustment: survey evidence from European firms Jan Babecký, Philip Du Caju, Theodora Kosma, Martina Lawless, Julián Messina, Tairi Rõõm
1105 Downward Nominal and Real Wage Rigidity: Survey Evidence from European Firms Jan Babecký, Philip Du Caju, Theodora Kosma, Martina Lawless, Julián Messina, Tairi Rõõm
1048 Downward wage rigidity and optimal steady-state inflation Gabriel Fagan, Julián Messina
1003 Real wages over the business cycle: OECD evidence from the time and frequency domains Julián Messina, Chiara Strozzi, Jarkko Turunen
697 How wages change: micro evidence from the International Wage Flexibility Project William T. Dickens, Lorenz Götte, Erica L. Groshen, Steinar Holden, Julián Messina, Mark E. Schweitzer, Jarkko Turunen, Melanie Ward-Warmedinger
602 Job flow dynamics and firing restrictions: evidence from Europe Julián Messina, Giovanna Vallanti
585 Are specific skills an obstacle to labor market adjustment? Theory and an application to the EU enlargement Ana Lamo, Julián Messina, Etienne Wasmer
320 Institutions and service employment: a panel study for OECD countries Julián Messina
318 Gross job flows and institutions in Europe Ramón Gómez-Salvador, Julián Messina, Giovanna Vallanti
217 The role of product market regulations in the process of structural change Julián Messina