D'Agostino, Antonello

No. Title Authors
1986A global trade model for the euro areaChiara Osbat, Antonello D'Agostino, Michele Modugno
1856Combining time-variation and mixed-frequencies: an analysis of government spending multipliers in ItalyAntonello D'Agostino, Jacopo Cimadomo
1776Expectation-driven cycles: time-varying effectsAntonello D'Agostino, Caterina Mendicino
1520The pricing of G7 sovereign bond spreads: the times, they are a-changinMichael Ehrmann, Antonello D'Agostino
1455Survey-based nowcasting of US growth: a real-time forecast comparison over more than 40 yearsBernd Schnatz, Antonello D'Agostino
1365Understanding and forecasting aggregate and disaggregate price dynamicsColin Bermingham, Antonello D'Agostino
1357Assessing the sensitivity of inflation to economic activityAlistair Dieppe, Eva Ortega, Antonello D'Agostino, Tohmas Karlsson, Konstantins Benkovskis, Michele Caivano, Samuel Hurtado, Tímea Várnai
1343The predictive content of sectoral stock prices: a US-euro area comparisonMagnus Andersson, Antonello D'Agostino, Gabe de Bondt, Moreno Roma
1167Macroeconomic forecasting and structural changeDomenico Giannone, Antonello D'Agostino, Luca Gambetti
876Are sectoral stock prices useful for predicting euro area GDP?Magnus Andersson, Antonello D'Agostino
680Comparing alternative predictors based on large-panel factor modelsAntonello D'Agostino, Domenico Giannone
660The Italian block of the ESCB multi-country modelElena Angelini, Peter McAdam, Antonello D'Agostino
625Sectoral explanations of employment in Europe: the role of servicesMelanie Ward-Warmedinger, Antonello D'Agostino, Roberta Serafini
605(Un)Predictability and macroeconomic stabilityPaolo Surico, Domenico Giannone, Antonello D'Agostino