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Bernd Schnatz

International & European Relations


External Developments

Current Position

Deputy Head of Division



Other current responsibilities

Deputy Head of Division, DG-International and European Relations, External Developments Division


University of Hamburg, PhD in Economics (Dr. rer. pol), 1993 – 1996

J. W. Goethe University Frankfurt, M. Sc. in Economics (Dipl. Volkswirt), 1987– 1993

Professional experience

European Central Bank, 2000 – present

Deutsche Bundesbank, 1996 – 2000

Hamburg Institute for International Economics, 1993 – 1996

ECB publications
10 August 2012
14 April 2010
9 December 2009
30 November 2007
17 November 2006
13 October 2006
11 November 2005
28 April 2004
1 April 2003
1 April 2003
1 November 2001
External publications
P. De Grauwe (ed.), "The Many Dimensions of Competitiveness", MIT Press, Cambridge.
Explaining and forecasting euro area exports: Which competitiveness indicator performs best?
  • M. Ca’Zorzi and B. Schnatz
Open Economies Review, 2009, 20, 1, 85-111.
Evaluating China’s Integration in World Trade: A Benchmark Based on a Gravity Model
  • M. Bussière and B. Schnatz
F. di Mauro, S. Dees, W. McKibbin (ed.), "Globalisation, Regionalism and Economic Interdependence", Cambridge Univ. Pr.
Trade integration of central and eastern European countries and China: Has it reached potential?
  • M. Bussière and B. Schnatz
Review of Development Economics, 2008, 12, 3, 562-576.
EU Enlargement and Trade Integration: Lessons from a Gravity Model
  • M. Bussière
  • J. Fidrmuc and B. Schnatz
International Economics and Economic Policy, 2007, 4, 3, 281-295.
Is reversion to PPP in euro exchange rates non-linear?
  • B. Schnatz
Journal of Comparative Economics, 2006, 34, 3, 499-517.
Towards the estimation of equilibrium exchange rates for transition economies: Methodological issues and a panel cointegration perspective
  • F. Maeso-Fernandez
  • C. Osbat and B. Schnatz
Economic Systems, 2005, 29, 130-143.
Pitfalls in estimating equilibrium exchange rates for transition economies
  • F. Maeso-Fernandez and C. Osbat
K. Liebscher et al. (ed.), "European Economic Integration and South East Europe – Challenges and Prospects".
Trade integration of the new EU member states and selected South-East European countries: lessons from a gravity model
  • M. Bussière
  • J. Fidrmuc and B. Schnatz
Review of World Economics/ Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 2004, 140, 1, 1-30.
Productivity and the euro-dollar exchange rate
  • B. Schnatz
  • F. Vijselaar and C. Osbat
Australian Economic Papers, 2002, 41, 4, 437-461.
Determinants of the euro real effective exchange rate: A BEER/PEER approach
  • F. Maeso-Fernandez
  • C. Osbat and B. Schnatz
Applied Economics Quarterly, 2000, 46, 3, 274-302; and Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Paper 2/00
The determinants of the euro-dollar exchange rate: synthetic fundamentals and a non-existing currency
  • J. Clostermann and B. Schnatz
Intereconomics, 2000, 35, 2, 81-79; and Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Paper 3/98
Speculative attacks in emerging markets: the role of macroeconomic fundamentals
  • B. Schnatz
Asia Pacific Journal of Finance
The sudden freeze of the Asian miracle: The role of macroeconomic fundamentals
  • B. Schnatz
Rating agencies and financial market volatility – a commentary
  • B. Schnatz
L. Menkhoff and B. Reszat (eds), "Asian financial markets – structures, policy issues and prospects", Baden-Baden
Financial markets and speculative attacks in Asia: a historical perspective
  • B. Schnatz
South Africa's economic prospects after the elections
  • B. Schnatz