Statistics data services

Euro area statistics

Our data services give you access to the euro area statistics, including in some cases national breakdowns.

You can:

  • search, display and save statistical series on-line using the Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW),
  • subscribe to datasets in the SDW (receive e-mail notifications when data are updated): SDW: notification services,
  • download data into common software packages and in XML.

BIRD – a special tool for banks

Banks must generate a vast amount of data to comply with statistical and supervisory reporting requirements. BIRD – a new initiative of the ESCB’s Statistics Committee – should help them meet this challenging task, increasing the efficiency of their reporting systems and resulting in higher quality banking data.

Find out more about BIRD

What exactly is BIRD?

BIRD stands for Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary: this initiative, which was launched in 2015, is aimed at providing banks with up-to-date reference material that facilitates the production of statistical and supervisory reports.

The BIRD documentation is available to all interested parties. Banks can freely decide if they want to use it.

What can banks expect?

  • A precise description of the data that must be extracted from internal systems to generate reports.
  • Clearly defined rules for transforming these data in order to comply with reporting requirements.

Why is BIRD useful?

BIRD activities are carried out by a group of experts from various national central banks and commercial banks, whose work is coordinated by the ECB. These experts analyse reporting requirements and define the data processing rules required to meet them – a task which would otherwise need to be completed by every single reporting bank. This, in turn, helps to ensure that data reported by banks to authorities are comparable and consistent.