Wieland, Volker

No. Title Authors
1267Keynesian government spending multipliers and spillovers in the euro areaTobias Cwik, Volker Wieland
1261Surprising comparative properties of monetary models: Results from a new model databaseVolker Wieland, John B. Taylor
1191Money in monetary policy design: Monetary cross-checking in the New-Keynesian modelVolker Wieland, Günter W. Beck
1090New Keynesian versus old Keynesian government spending multipliersJohn F. Cogan, Tobias Cwik, John B. Taylor, Volker Wieland
967Central Bank misperceptions and the role of money in interest rate rulesVolker Wieland, Günter W. Beck
480Insurance policies for monetary policy in the euro areaVolker Wieland, Keith Kuester
350Exchange-rate policy and the zero bound on nominal interest ratesGünter Coenen, Volker Wieland
231Price stability and monetary policy effectiveness when nominal interest rates are bounded at zeroAthanasios Orphanides, Volker Wieland, Günter Coenen
218The zero-interest-rate bound and the role of the exchange rate for monetary policy in JapanVolker Wieland, Günter Coenen
181Inflation dynamics and international linkages: a model of the United States, the euro area and JapanVolker Wieland, Günter Coenen
84Data uncertainty and the role of money as an information variable for monetary policyAndrew T. Levin, Volker Wieland, Günter Coenen
68The performance of forecast-based monetary policy rules under model uncertaintyAndrew T. Levin, Volker Wieland, John C. Williams
30A small estimated euro area model with rational expectations and nominal rigiditiesVolker Wieland, Günter Coenen
8Inflation zone targetingAthanasios Orphanides, Volker Wieland