Langfield, Sam



Supply Side, Labour and Surveillance

Current position

Lead Economist

Fields of interest

Financial Economics


  • 2006-09
    MA and BA, University of Oxford
Professional experience
  • 2015-20
    Principal, European Central Bank
  • 2015-16
    Visiting Professional, Princeton University
  • 2012-15
    Economist, European Central Bank
  • 2009-12
    Associate, UK Financial Services Authority

Journal publications

Harald Hau, Peter Hoffmann, Sam Langfield, Yannick Timmer
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Management Science, forthcoming
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Regulating the doom loop
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Mapping the UK interbank system
Journal of Banking & Finance, 45: 288-303
Harald Hau, Sam Langfield, David Marqués
Bank ratings: what determines their quality?
Economic Policy, 28(74): 289-333

Other publications

Jeroen Brinkhoff, Sam Langfield, Olaf Weeken
From the horse's mouth: surveying responses to stress by banks and insurers
ESRB Occasional Paper 15
Sam Langfield, Marco Pagano
Financial structure
Palgrave Handbook of European Banking
Jorge Abad, Iñaki Aldasoro, Christoph Aymanns, Marco D’Errico, Linda Fache Rousová, Peter Hoffmann, Sam Langfield, Martin Neychev, Tarik Roukny
Shedding light on dark markets: first insights from the new EU-wide OTC derivatives dataset
ESRB Occasional Paper 11
Daniel Gros, Dirk Schoenmaker, Philip Lane, Sam Langfield, Sini Matikainen, Marco Pagano, Javier Suarez
Too late, too sudden: transition to a low-carbon economy and systemic risk
ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee Report 6
Laurent Clerc, Alberto Giovannini, Sam Langfield, Tuomas Peltonen, Richard Portes, Martin Scheicher
Indirect contagion: the policy problem
ESRB Occasional Paper 9
Iñaki Aldasoro, Ester Faia, Gerardo Ferrara, Sam Langfield, Zijun Liu, Tomohiro Ota
Bank liquidity requirements: how to get more bang for your buck
Bank Underground
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Is Europe overbanked?
ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee Report 4
Dirk Schoenmaker, Daniel Gros, Sam Langfield, Marco Pagano
Allocating macro-prudential powers
ESRB Advisory Scientific Committee Report 5
Ivan Alves, Stijn Ferrari, Pietro Franchini, Jean-Cyprien Heam, Pavol Jurca, Sam Langfield, Sebastiano Laviola, Franka Liedorp, Antonio Sánchez, Santiago Tavolaro, Guillaume Vuillemey
The structure and resilience of the European interbank market
ESRB Occasional Paper 3