Langfield, Sam

ESRB Secretariat

Current position

Principal Financial Stability Expert


Other current responsibilities
  • Principal Economist, Financial Research Division
  • MA and BA (first class), Oxford University
Professional experience
  • Principal, European Central Bank (DG-Research), 2017-present
  • Principal, European Central Bank (ESRB Secretariat), 2012-2017
  • Visiting Professional, Princeton University (Bendheim Center for Finance), 2015-2016
  • Associate, UK Financial Services Authority, 2009-2012

Journal publications

Harald Hau, Sam Langfield, David Marqués
Bank ratings: what determines their quality?
Economic Policy,
Sam Langfield, Zijun Liu, Tomohiro Ota
Mapping the UK interbank system
Journal of Banking & Finance,
Sam Langfield, Marco Pagano
Bank bias in Europe: effects on systemic risk and growth
Economic Policy,
Markus Brunnermeier, Sam Langfield, Marco Pagano, Ricardo Reis, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Dimitri Vayanos
ESBies: safety in the tranches
Economic Policy,