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Martin Wagner

22 December 2021
We study exchange rate pass-through (ERPT), i.e., the impact of exchange rate movements on inflation, focusing on euro area import prices at a sectorally disaggregated level. Our estimation strategy is based on VAR-X models, thus incorporating both endogenous and exogenous explanatory variables. The impulse response functions not only allow to study the extent but also the dynamics of ERPT. We find that ERPT is heterogeneous in terms of magnitude across sectors. We further investigate what industry-specific characteristics affect the heterogeneity of ERPT. Across various model specifications including import penetration, market integration, competition and value chain integration, we find that higher market concentration and higher backward integration in global value chains decrease pass-through, in line with previous findings in the literature.
JEL Code
C50 : Mathematical and Quantitative Methods→Econometric Modeling→General
F30 : International Economics→International Finance→General
F40 : International Economics→Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance→General