SDMX-ML and SDMX-EDI (GESMES/TS): the ECB statistical representation standards

SDMX-ML is the XML syntax used by the European Central Bank and the national central banks in the web dissemination of statistics. The following sections in the ECB web site support downloading of data in SDMX-ML format:

SDMX-EDI (GESMES/TS) is the message used by the European Central Bank to exchange statistical data and metadata with its partners in the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and other organisations world-wide. It was a key element in the statistical preparations for Monetary Union and has proved both efficient and effective in meeting the ESCB's rapidly evolving statistical requirements.

Both SDMX-EDI and SDMX-ML make part of the SDMX standards. The standards are maintained by the SDMX initiative led by seven international and European organisations (BIS, ECB, Eurostat, IMF, OECD, UN, World Bank). The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved the SDMX standards as a technical specification (ISO/TS 17369:2005).