The balance sheets of credit institutions and money market funds

This section contains euro area balance sheet statistics on credit institutions (CIs) and money market funds (MMFs).

Aggregated balance sheets of euro area credit institutions and money market funds


Credit institution and money market fund balance sheet statistics are compiled on an aggregated basis (i.e. there is no netting out of positions within the sector) and reported on a quarterly basis, approximately six weeks after the end of the reference period.

Monthly data on MMFs share/units held by the money holding sector are also available and are broken down by country.
For the list of euro area resident MMFs and CIs, see the list of MFIs.

All the euro area series include data from the EU Member States that had adopted the euro at the time to which the series refers. Data on outstanding amounts include Greece as of January 2001, Slovenia as of January 2007, Cyprus and Malta as of January 2008, Slovakia as of January 2009, Estonia as of January 2011, Latvia as of January 2014 and Lithuania as of January 2015.

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