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Insurance corporations data and reporting

Below you find various links to the insurance corporations data series and statistical tables, and detailed information on the reporting framework.

Insurance corporations data

Balance sheet data

Statistics on the balance sheet for euro area insurance corporations are available as of Q3 2016 through the ECB Data Portal. It also includes the discontinued insurance corporation and pension funds (ICPF) statistical dataset (collected from Q1 2008 to Q2 2016).

All insurance corporation balance sheet time series in the ECB Data Portal Mapping of IC and PF datasets to historical non-harmonised data last update: 26 July 2021

Premiums, claims and acquisition expenses data

The accumulated sum of euro area insurance corporations’ premiums, claims and acquisition expenses for each year are available on an annual basis as of 2017.

All insurance corporation premiums, claims and acquisition expenses time series in the ECB Data Portal

Large insurance groups data

These statistics are available as of the reference period Q4 2009 and refer to semi-annual risk indicators and year-on-year growth ratios. They are collected on a best effort basis by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and then sent on to the ESRB.

All large insurance group time series in the ECB Data Portal

Statistical tables

The below links show the aggregate balance sheet data of euro area insurance corporations for the six most recent quarters, with data as of the end of Q3 2016. From Q4 2017 onwards they also show financial transactions, and as of Q3 2017 they show annual growth rates.

Insurance corporations balance sheet

All euro area insurance corporations balance sheets

Insurance corporations operations

All euro area insurance corporations sector operations

Reporting framework

The legal requirements for insurance corporation statistics are laid down in Regulation ECB/2014/50, which defines the statistical standards to be met by insurance corporations when reporting information on their assets and liabilities to the national authorities. This ECB Regulation is complemented by Guideline ECB/2021/12, which sets out the procedures national central banks must follow when reporting insurance corporation statistics to the ECB.

These legal acts are complemented by a non-legally binding insurance corporations statistics compilation guide, which further clarifies and illustrates the statistical requirements and provides information on the derivation of insurance corporations statistics from supervisory reporting. 

In order to minimise the reporting burden on insurance corporations, the ECB Regulation allows the national central banks to derive the necessary statistical information from data reported for supervisory purposes under the EU’s Solvency II framework.

The supervisory reporting requirements are set out in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/894 of 4 April 2023.

While a large part of the information required under the ECB Regulation can be derived from the data provided for supervisory purposes, some additional information is still needed. Additional reporting templates have been prepared by the ECB in close cooperation with EIOPA. They cover information for statistical purposes in addition to the supervisory requirements (“unofficial reporting templates including ECB add-ons”). Accompanying files contain instructions on the ECB add-ons.

URTs and instructions for ECB add-ons as of taxonomy 2.8.0