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Announcement: Update of the annexes to the AnaCredit Manual and publication of the guidance document on non-EU entities identifiers search

  • Question ID: 2019/0001
  • Date of publication: 16/09/2019
  • Subject matter: Counterparty reference data, LEI and national identifiers, Special categories of counterparties
  • AnaCredit Manual: Centralised code lists
  • Data attribute: National identifier, Counterparty identifier, Legal form

List of legal forms, List of national identifiers, List of international organisations and guidance document on non-EU entities identifiers search


Please note that the documents “List of legal forms”, “List of national identifiers” and “List of international organisations” have been updated on the ECB’s website.

In addition, a guidance document on non-EU entities identifiers search has been published to support the list of national AnaCredit identifiers. The AnaCredit Manual annex “List of national identifiers” provides information on some individual countries outside the EU (such as Brazil and the United States). For individual countries not listed in the annex, a generic code can be applied. The guidance document on non-EU identifiers search provides detailed information on where to retrieve a valid national identifier and which generic identifier type to use to report the identifier. The list is sorted by country of residence of the counterparty for which a national identifier needs to be found and which is resident outside of the EU.