External debt statistics (EDS)

The gross external debt of an economy represents, at any given time, the outstanding actual (rather than contingent) liabilities vis-à-vis non-residents that require the payment of principal and/or interest by the debtor at one or more points in the future. The gross external debt can be broken down by instrument, maturity and institutional sector, as well as net external debt (i.e. gross external debt net of external debt assets).

Data within the Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW)

International standards on EDS

The Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS) sets methodological standards for statistics on external debt and public sector debt; promotes data availability on financial stocks, particularly external and public sector debt; encourages internationally accepted statistical practices to enhance data quality; and fosters inter-agency collaboration in statistical capacity building.

EDS legal framework

Guideline ECB/2011/23 on the statistical reporting requirements of the European Central Bank in the field of external statistics, as amended by Guideline ECB/2013/25, addressed to the national central banks of the euro area.

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