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Thomas Teulery

18 June 2024
Financial Integration and Structure in the Euro Area 2024
The European Union's FinTech industry has experienced rapid growth since the 2010’s, with a significant concentration of firms in major financial centers. This Box suggests that one of the reasons for the clustering of FinTechs close to financial centres may be easier access to equity finance. The analysis also shows that FinTechs outside financial centres compared to Fintechs that cluster in financial centers need to rely more on their performance as a signalling device to potential funding providers. Given the relevance of incubators and accelerators for early-stage development and funding of FinTech startups, the article points to the need to further investigate the role and effectiveness of institutional support schemes. It also underscores the need to advance on the EU’s capital markets union (CMU) agenda, in particular as regards policy efforts to grow European equity markets, in terms of both liquidity and depth.
JEL Code
D22 : Microeconomics→Production and Organizations→Firm Behavior: Empirical Analysis
G3 : Financial Economics→Corporate Finance and Governance
O30 : Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth→Technological Change, Research and Development, Intellectual Property Rights→General