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Susanne Kretschmann

18 June 2024
Financial Integration and Structure in the Euro Area 2024
The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU impacted the EU’s financial infrastructure, in particular those financial market segments heavily reliant on UK clearing services. This box analyses how the market shares of euro area CCPs offering similar clearing services to their UK competitors have evolved since Brexit. Although the market share of euro area CCPs has increased over time, the over-reliance of domestic market participants on non-euro area clearing services persists. This could have serious implications for the financial stability of the EU, especially under stressed market conditions. Reducing the reliance of European markets on third countries for the provision of critical clearing services remains a priority for EU policymakers from a financial stability perspective, together with building well-integrated, resilient clearing markets in the EU.
JEL Code
G15 : Financial Economics→General Financial Markets→International Financial Markets
G23 : Financial Economics→Financial Institutions and Services→Non-bank Financial Institutions, Financial Instruments, Institutional Investors
G28 : Financial Economics→Financial Institutions and Services→Government Policy and Regulation
F36 : International Economics→International Finance→Financial Aspects of Economic Integration