International Linkages and Spill-overs Network (Intlink)

Against the background of rising real and financial globalisation, a top priority for central bankers is to improve our understanding of cross-border linkages and spillovers. This is particularly so given the clear pitfalls exhibited by existing economic models in the past and in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.


  • Providing a forum for researchers in which they can share and compare their modelling tools, at regular meetings and special events;
  • Creating an easily accessible archive of relevant tools and data which may be useful for research purposes;
  • Pooling individual researchers’ expertise to address key questions of substance.


Participants and chair

Participants include

  • economists from the ECB (DG International & European Relations, DG Research and DG Economics),
  • economists from the Deutsche Bundesbank,
  • external academics.

Regular contact is maintained with the IMF, the BIS and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Chair: Livio Stracca, Senior Adviser, DG International & European Relations, ECB

International Linkages Database

Database in STATA


Output synchronisation

Global banks

International transmission of monetary and fiscal policies

International dimension of monetary policy

Home bias

Home bias in trade

Home bias in finance and financial integration

Econometric methodologies



Open-economy DSGE models

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Tools and programmes

GVAR models

Open economy DSGE models

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