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Quo vadis, inflation?

We have made good progress in our fight against inflation since we started to tighten our monetary policy in 2022. Where do we stand right now? And what are we keeping a close eye on in the economy?

Host Stefania Secola discusses these topics with our Chief Economist Philip R. Lane. They also talk about the ECB’s recent changes to its operational framework for implementing monetary policy.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the European Central Bank.

Published on 25 March 2024 and recorded on 21 March 2024.

Inflation right now

How has inflation evolved since its peak in late 2022? What is the outlook for the year ahead and what will shape our future decisions?

Wages and inflation

How are rising wages affecting inflation, and is the situation the same across all euro area countries?

The state of the labour market

Unemployment is historically low, but economic growth is projected to be lower than in previous years. What might the coming months hold for the labour market?

The ECB’s operational framework

Why have we reviewed our operational framework for implementing monetary policy? How does it help our work to keep prices stable?

Our guest’s hot tip

Our guest, Philip R. Lane, encourages our listeners to read a paper that looks at the macroeconometric models used at the ECB for forecasting and policy analysis.