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Banks in the coronavirus crisis

What challenges does the coronavirus pandemic pose for banks? And what role can they play in helping the real economy deal with the crisis? Our host Michael Steen discusses these questions and more with ECB Supervisory Board Chair Andrea Enria in this episode.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the European Central Bank.

Published on 10 June 2020 and recorded on 29 May 2020.

In this episode
Coronavirus and the banks

How the pandemic is posing challenges for banks, their response to the crisis and what banks can do to support the economy by lending to people and businesses.

The ECB’s measures to boost lending

How the ECB has supported bank lending in the euro area.

The advantages of supervision at European level

How European supervision enabled banks to enter this crisis in a much stronger position than in 2008, and how it has allowed for a unified and fast response to increase the safety of banks.

The coronavirus and digitalisation in the banking sector

The opportunities for banks that come with digitalisation and how to mitigate the new risks increased digitalisation introduces.