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European Central Bank announces winners of art competition for its new premises

10 November 2014
  • Giuseppe Penone, Nedko Solakov and Liam Gillick win art competition for new premises
  • Each artist will create a site-specific artwork to be displayed at one of three different locations
  • A joint inauguration for all three works is planned for autumn 2015

Giuseppe Penone, Nedko Solakov and Liam Gillick are the winners of the ECB’s international competition for site-specific artworks at its new premises. The artists will create artworks for three different locations at the new premises – outside the main entrance, on the ground floor of the high-rise and in the foyer of the conference area situated in the former wholesale market hall. The overall budget for the project is €1.25 million. The competition, launched in February 2014, was conducted as a two-stage invitational competition.

A selection committee of internationally renowned art experts drew up a list of artists from across the EU for each of the locations. In total, 59 artists from the 28 countries of the EU were nominated. In the second stage, the shortlisted artists were then asked to submit a proposal reflecting the theme “Stability and Independence”, taking into account the European motto “United in Diversity”. The jury unanimously selected the best proposal for each of the three locations among the anonymised contributions, applying the following criteria:

  • overall artistic concept;
  • suitability in terms of the location;
  • feasibility in terms of the technical and budgetary requirements

“The jury has chosen three impressive works, representing European art at its best. We hope they will inspire, spark discussions and shift perspectives”, says the Chairperson of the jury, Benoît Coeuré.

The artists will now start the detailed planning for the realisation of the works. A joint inauguration for all three works is planned for autumn 2015. Further details on the artists and on the competition are provided in the annex of this press release.

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