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Results of the october 2010 bank lending survey for the euro area

28 October 2010

The European Central Bank (ECB) is today publishing its report on the results of the October 2010 bank lending survey for the euro area. The bank lending survey was developed by the Eurosystem in order to enhance the understanding of bank lending behaviour in the euro area.

The survey is conducted four times a year, usually at the beginning of each quarter. The results reported in the October 2010 bank lending survey relate to the third quarter of 2010 and to expectations for the fourth quarter. The survey was conducted between 13 September and 1 October 2010. Once again the October 2010 survey round included a set of ad hoc questions that aimed at gauging the extent to which the financial market tensions experienced since the second half of 2007 have affected banks’ credit standards for loans and credit lines to enterprises and loans to households in the euro area.

The report is available on the ECB’s website at in the “Statistics” section under “Monetary and financial statistics”/“Surveys”/“Bank lending survey”.


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