New educational material: “FACTS”

18 June 2007

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published FACTS, a multi-lingual collection of 40 presentation slides on central banking in Europe. Each slide is accompanied by an explanatory text which speakers can refer to or hand out.


  • European integration
  • Organisation and tasks of the ECB, Eurosystem and ESCB
  • Monetary policy of the Eurosystem

The topics are arranged in single, stand-alone slides which can be selected as required by the speaker. The high-resolution slides can be downloaded as PowerPoint files. The explanatory texts can be printed straight from the HTML page – together with an image of the corresponding slide – and distributed for example as a hand-out.

FACTS is intended for intermediate-level learners with some prior knowledge of central banking in Europe. It extends the ECB’s existing range of educational material and general-interest print publications. It is only available online.


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