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ECB recognises partners' valuable contribution to the smooth introduction of the euro banknotes and coins

5 February 2002

The European Central Bank (ECB) yesterday hosted a meeting of the international partners of its Euro 2002 Information Campaign. Those participating represented companies and business organisations from the retail, banking, travel and tourism sectors.

Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the ECB, congratulated all the Euro 2002 Information Campaign partners "for joining forces in this unprecedented information campaign aimed at more than 300 million people in the euro area and beyond." He paid a special tribute to the international partners "who actively participated in this massive communication effort and played the role of euro ambassadors". He added, "the euro cash changeover has progressed rapidly and smoothly, even beyond our expectations, thanks to the commitment of all those involved, and in particular the Eurosystem's national and international partners, who showed enthusiasm and dedication."

Some 3,000 national and international companies and business organisations from the retail, banking, media and tourism/travel sectors, have become partners of the ECB and the 12 national central banks of the euro area. The partnership programme, one of the main pillars of the Euro 2002 Information campaign, was developed for organisations willing to disseminate information on the euro banknotes and coins to their clients, customers and staff. The programme provided master information materials – including poster artwork, leaflets, video footage, information videos and training materials, all of which could be reproduced and adapted to the partners' own needs. The materials were made available in the 11 official Community languages.

The ECB is grateful for the co-operation it has received from such a variety of organisations, and is committed to continuing to support their euro information needs.

For downloadable photographs of the meeting, up-to-date partner lists and partner best practices listed by industry segment, visit the Euro 2002 Information Campaign website, at


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