List of eligible assets

31 December 1998

The ECB publishes an updated list of assets eligible for use as collateral in ESCB credit operations on the Internet at 8 a.m. ECB time (C.E.T.) every Friday (, item MFIs and assets). However, in order to facilitate the process to redenominate securities before the start of Stage Three of Economic and Monetary Union, it has been necessary to delay the weekly process by which the list of eligible assets on the Internet is updated by two weeks and one day. The list on the Internet was last updated on Friday, 18 December 1998. The next updated list will be published on the Internet at 8 a.m. ECB time (C.E.T.) on Saturday, 2 January 1999.

Apart from the normal updating process, the new list will include the securities redenominated into euro from the respective national currency over the changeover weekend together with their new currency denomination.

Furthermore, it will list the new ISIN codes for securities in those cases where the ISIN codes have changed as a result of the currency redenomination.

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