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European Union balance of payments (capital and financial accout) statistical methods book

30 January 1998

A description of balance of payments (BOP) statistical methods in the Member States of the European Community has been compiled in the form of a reference book (the "BOP book"). The book contains individual country descriptions of collection systems and information relating to the methodologies used in the various Member States. It reflects the new IMF Balance of Payments Manual (5th edition) and harmonisation proposals developed to meet statistical requirements for Stage Three of Monetary Union. The book is primarily intended for use by central banks, statistical institutes and international organisations.

The BOP book will be published by the EMI on 30 January 1998. Following its release, procedures will be put in place to ensure that it remains up-to-date, accurate and as homogeneous as possible.

Copies of the BOP book will be distributed to the EU central banks, statistical institutes and international organisations. It will also be available to other interested parties from the EMI, at the following address:


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