Press releases on Banking supervision

21 September 2020
ECB proposes to reduce reporting burden for banks and increase data quality
17 September 2020
ECB’s Governing Council says that exceptional circumstances justify leverage ratio relief
12 March 2020
ECB Banking Supervision provides temporary capital and operational relief in reaction to coronavirus
9 April 2019
ECB nominates Yves Mersch as Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board
27 June 2018
ECB appoints Patrick Amis as Director General in the Directorate General Microprudential Supervision III
15 June 2018
ECB appoints Petra Senkovic as Director General Secretariat to the Supervisory Board
13 October 2014
ECB report details structural changes in the euro area banking sector
10 October 2014
ECB to disclose final results of comprehensive assessment
8 September 2014
Members of the Administrative Board of Review appointed
4 September 2014
ECB publishes final list of significant credit institutions
8 August 2014
ECB publishes Comprehensive Assessment Stress Test Manual
23 July 2014
Lithuania to join euro area and single supervisory mechanism (SSM) on 1 January 2015
17 July 2014
ECB publishes disclosure process for comprehensive assessment
27 May 2014
ECB launches public consultation on draft ECB regulation on supervisory fees
29 April 2014
ECB to give banks six to nine months to cover capital shortfalls following comprehensive assessment
25 April 2014
ECB publishes SSM Framework Regulation
20 March 2014
Statement of the ECB on SRM agreement
11 March 2014
ECB publishes manual for asset quality review
7 March 2014
Supervisory board members appointed
7 February 2014
ECB launches public consultation on draft ECB SSM Framework Regulation
3 February 2014
ECB makes progress with asset quality review, and confirms stress test parameters for comprehensive assessment
20 November 2013
ECB nominates candidate for chair of the SSM Supervisory Board
8 November 2013
ECB publishes its opinion on the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM)
4 November 2013
ECB report details structural changes in the euro area banking sector
23 October 2013
ECB starts comprehensive assessment in advance of supervisory role
27 September 2013
ECB seeks candidates for the Chair of the Supervisory Board
24 September 2013
ECB appoints Oliver Wyman as Consultant for the Comprehensive Assessment of Supervised Banks
12 September 2013
ECB welcomes European Parliament vote to create single supervisory mechanism