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Open call for consultancy services to support development of the digital euro’s offline functionality

28 March 2024

In line with the draft legislative proposal on the establishment of a digital euro, the Eurosystem is committed to developing a digital euro that enables both online and offline transactions. The digital euro’s offline functionality would provide a payment experience closer to cash, enabling highly private transactions – with personal transaction details known only to payer and payee – even in situations of limited network connectivity.

To this end, the European Central Bank is looking for a senior payments industry expert to provide consultancy services on a 40% part-time basis to support the project team designing and developing the digital euro’s offline functionality.

The successful candidate is expected to join the project in May 2024 and will support the team in:

  • defining the deployment of the digital euro’s offline functionality in end users’ devices in line with the requirements set in the draft legislative proposal;
  • designing and implementing an optimal user experience for offline contactless payments via smartphones;
  • assessing how an offline digital euro can be integrated within the existing terminal landscape at the point of sale;
  • supporting the drafting of detailed requirements for the digital euro’s offline functionality. 

All inquiries and proposals must be submitted via email to by 12:00 CET on 15 April 2024. Information about the process and requirements can be downloaded via the annex.