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Focus Session (virtual) 

Potential use of new technology for wholesale central bank money settlement

When, Where

15 December 2023, 9:00 - 14:00 CET
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Practical information


Opening remarks

The Eurosystem is exploring potential solutions for central bank money settlement of wholesale financial transactions recorded on distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms. The work is part of the Eurosystem’s broader efforts to ensure that central banks keep pace with and contribute to digital innovation in wholesale and retail payments. Learn more about the background and intended purpose of the work.

  • Ulrich Bindseil, Director General, ECB



Exploratory work

The Eurosystem is looking into if, when and how financial market stakeholders could take part in the Eurosystem’s exploratory work. Trials and experiments with solutions for settling central bank money on DLT are planned to start in 2024. Learn more about the planned framework for the conduct of the exploratory work.

  • Holger Neuhaus, Head of Division, ECB
  • Claudine O’Connor, ECB





Introducing the interoperability-type solutions for the Eurosystem’s exploratory work


Demo: Trigger solution

The Trigger Solution allows for the settlement of DLT-based wholesale financial transactions in central bank money in T2, the Eurosystem RTGS system. This solution consists of a DLT infrastructure, which acts as technical bridge between T2 and market DLT platforms. The solution is developed and operated by Deutsche Bundesbank.

  • Nadine Knaust, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Besfort Shala, Deutsche Bundesbank

Demo: TIPS Hash-Link solution

The TIPS Hash Link enables settlement of wholesale financial transactions in central bank money on accounts in a TIPS-like platform, set up for the Eurosystem. The solution tests interoperability between a market DLT platform and a payment system, the TARGET Instant Payment System (TIPS) via an API gateway. The solution is developed and operated by Banca d’Italia.

  • Giuseppe Santangeli, Banca d’Italia



Demo: Full-DLT Interoperability solution

The Full-DLT interoperability solution “DL3S” allows for settlement of wholesale financial transactions in central bank money in a DLT-based account held on a DLT platform provided by the Eurosystem. The solution is developed and operated by Banque de France.

  • Victorien Goldscheider, Banque de France



Closing remarks

  • Holger Neuhaus, ECB

End of event

This programme may be subject to change without notice.

Audiovisual notice: The entire Focus Session will be live streamed, recorded and published on the ECB’s website shortly after the event, together with the slides presented.

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