Price list

According to the decision of the Governing Council regarding the T2S settlement fee for a DvP instruction (see Pricing Decision), and in combination with the pricing structure defined with the market, please find the actual T2S price list in the table below the and more details in the document Mapping of Service Items with T2S price list.

Tariff items Price Explanation
Settlement services (75% of T2S income)
Delivery versus payment 15 cents per instruction*
Free of payment/payment free of delivery 9 cents per instruction*
Internal T2S liquidity transfer 9 cents per transfer
Account allocation 3 cents per instruction*
Matching 3 cents per instruction*
Intra-position/intra-balance movement 6 cents per transaction
Auto-collateralisation service with payment bank 15 cents for issue and return, charged to collateral provider †
Intended settlement day failed transaction 15 cents surcharge per business day failed per instruction*
Daytime settlement process 3 cents surcharge per instruction*
**Daytime – last two hours, 2pm – 4pm Free additional surcharge per instruction*
**Auto-collateralisation service with national central bank Free per transaction, charged to the collateral provider
**Instruction marked with “top/high priority” Free surcharge per instruction*
**Cancellation Free per instruction*
**Settlement modification Free per instruction*
Information services
A2A reports 0.4 cent per business item in a report
A2A queries 0.7 cent per queried business item
U2A queries 10 cent per executed query
Message bundled into a file 0.4 cent per message in each file containing bundled messages
Transmissions 1.2 cent per transmission
Account management services
**Securities account Free Fee options:
a) monthly fee per ISIN in the account or
b) monthly fee per account
**Fee per cash account Free Monthly
* Two instructions per transaction will be charged.
** These items will initially be free of charge, presuming that actual usage will be within an expected consumption pattern. However, should there be greater than expected use of the IT system resources, leading to an adverse effect on T2S performance, charging for these items will be reconsidered. Such a review will occur at regular intervals.
† The auto-collateralisation with payment bank (i.e. client-collateralisation) is charged in line with the usage of T2S resources; and only the collateral provider is charged in accordance with the T2S Framework Agreement. One collateralisation item plus both instructions of each auto-collateralisation leg are charged per ISIN and providing account, i.e. 15 cents * 5 (i.e. 1 collateralisation item + 4 settlement instruction) = 75 cents for each auto-collateralisation service with payment bank.