CSD Steering Group

The CSD Steering group (CSG) is responsible for articulating and coordinating the views of participating CSDs within the T2S Governance. The CSG can give its advice and make resolutions on any issue related to T2S and in particular on issues related to the Framework Agreement and its schedules, issues of major interest for T2S (pricing, risk, etc.) and the prioritisation of change requests. The CSG is the successor of the CSD Contact Group (CCG).

The CSG discusses all matters of relevance for Participating CSDs. The CSG supports the decision-making process in the multilateral T2S Service by providing the Eurosystem with the CSDs’ common position on matters of relevance for Participating CSDs.


The mandate of the CSG is set out in the Annex of Schedule 8 of the Framework Agreement. The CSG’s mandate becomes effective on the Agreement Date and expires with the replacement of the Framework Agreement by a new agreement and/or with the termination of the Framework Agreement by the signatories.

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