Corporate Actions Sub-group

The Corporate Actions Sub-group is supporting the T2S Harmonisation Steering Group and the T2S Advisory Group in formulating and monitoring the implementation of harmonised rules for corporate actions processing, in particular on the rules on corporate actions on pending settlement transactions (flow).


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  • 06-07 February 2018
  • 05-06 June 2018
26-27 September 2017 Agenda Summary
2-3 May 2017 Agenda Summary
Meetings in previous years

Standards for processing Corporate Actions

The T2S Standards on Corporate Actions on Flows, as approved by the T2S Advisory Group, are listed below together with a set of Frequently Asked Questions that reflect common enquiries by T2S market participants.

CASG Standards Gap Analysis

The CASG launched its regular monitoring exercise in order to have an updated overview on the gaps between the T2S CA Standards and the state of readiness of T2S markets to implement these standards. The T2S National User Groups are invited to complete the CASG gap analysis survey by 30 April 2018 using the survey template and explanatory memo below. The CASG will then prepare a T2S CA standards gap analysis update, which after endorsement by the T2S HSG, will feed into the next T2S Harmonisation Progress Update.