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  • 17 April 2020

ECB calls for debt issuance experts to join a new market contact group

The European Central Bank (ECB) is setting up a Debt Issuance Market Contact Group (DIMCG). This will be a temporary forum for interaction between the Eurosystem and market professionals across the industry involved in euro area primary debt markets. The objectives of the group are: 1) to identify obstacles to further improvements in efficiency and integration in the area of debt issuance and initial distribution; and 2) to investigate how these issues may be addressed.

The DIMCG will base its investigation on the feedback provided by the market in response to the public consultation launched by the ECB on 22 May 2019. It will also explore how any potential harmonisation activities could be supported by private or public infrastructure initiatives in the area of debt issuance and initial distribution services.

The ECB is calling for representatives of the private sector to express their interest in joining the DIMCG. The candidates must have a broad and deep knowledge of the issuance and initial distribution of debt securities. The applications will be reviewed by the Eurosystem on the basis of professional experience, level of seniority and the function held within the institution.

Candidates should refer to the terms of reference for more information and submit the application form to no later than 12 May 2020.

The DIMCG will commence activities only once working conditions are back to normal after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The outcome of the DIMCG’s work will be a report to the Eurosystem, to be delivered 12 months after its first meeting.